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Notre Dame High School

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24 Ricardo St West Haven, CT 06516


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Notre Dame High School is a place where students form and experience community. Be it during lunch time, a classroom project, a spiritual retreat, a community service activity, or an after-school event, students find many ways to interact with each other. Notre Dame’s student body is racially, geographically, and socioeconomically diverse, and the school uniform is but one “equalizer” on a campus where character development includes learning to know a person for who he is rather than for what he has.


Philosophy of Notre Dame High School ...

Notre Dame High School is a Catholic independent secondary school admitting students of any race, nationality or religion to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available at the School. Its primary purpose is to assist the parents and guardians of its students in the education of their sons by providing a college preparatory curriculum. Notre Dame is founded upon the Catholic philosophy in the Holy Cross tradition which offers the student a greater appreciation of his personal worth and dignity as a creature of a loving God and of the equality of all human life. A Notre Dame education offers a holistic approach which develops integrity, independence, leadership, and values. Notre Dame High School further fosters an environment where students, administration, faculty, and parents or guardians work together toward faith development, moral self-discipline, and academic excellence.

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